Just-For-Clients :: February 2015

Just-For-Clients :: February 2015

TribeNectar on Facebook :: new! Weekly Focus

In an effort to enliven the discussion and keep the fires burning in our Facebook Tribe, each week I'm offering a community focus... food for thought and an invitation to collectively reflect in order to create change in our individual lives. Remember, our online tribe is a platform in which you can safely explore any topic and/or request on-the-fly support. The sky's the limit... discussion is in no way limited to the topics presented by me. Feel free to begin your own thread at any time. 

Falling Apart :: Week of Monday, February 23rd
We talk shit-storms and self-destruction. There are times in life when it feels like the material that binds our life together is crumbling to bits. Times when things once solid become fluid... or no longer suited to who we've become. What then? Do we fixate on all we might be losing... or do we set our sights on the-invisible-what that lies ahead. Tell us about where in your life things seem to be falling apart... and share also what you see coming together as a result. As always, I go first... [view more on the tribe]

Comparison :: Week of Monday, February 16th
Accountability :: Week of Monday, February 9th
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PDX Spring Potluck :: Monday, April 6th

Local clients are invited to my home for a free community potluck. No agenda, no promo, and no strings attached... just social time with like-hearted souls. Mingle and get to know your area tribe. I'll provide wine and refreshments. Feel free to bring a dish to share or just come for the company. Drop in anytime. Please RSVP online and/or directly to me. 

When:  Monday, April 6, 2015 from 6pm-9pm
Where:  My Home @ 206 SE 62nd Ave, Portland

1:1 Sessions :: What Are You Waiting For?

So... how's Reader? Maybe things are grooving along gloriously in your life, and support is the last thing you need. If so, blessed be! If not, why not hang with me? It's easy to point to all the reasons "why you just can't afford" to book a session right now. You don't have the time, the money, or the mindset to devote to what lies within let alone what lies ahead. The kicker is this... what-lies-within and what-lies-ahead are inextricably connected and spending even an hour recalibrating your compass can have incalculable results. 

If this notion stirs something within, why not book a session? You don't have to know what to focus on... together we'll organically mine your everyday experiences and stumble upon the juiciest of gems. And if money is a real issue in your life, remember that a limited amount of pay-what-can sessions are always available. Click here to view pay-what-you-can openings for both March & April. 

Hope to see you and thanks again for trusting me with your inbox.

 ♥ ~ Candice