Spring Forth! New Booking Platform + 50% OFF Phone Sessions

March is well underway, and spring is on the rise. I don't know about you, but I'm giddy with ready.

Unfiltered sunlight streams in through the windows, and the suddenness of light reveals it all. Outside, I see hungry rose bushes leaf-blushing red, while inside... well, inside dust and cobwebs seem to have gathered in every corner. Spring illuminates both the alluring and the unbecoming, putting us face-to-face with everything left unfinished. 

Perhaps it's no accident that over the past few weeks I've been noticing the darker aspects of my personality long-denied. I'm making attempts at a clearing - teetering anxiously to reach into the corners of me thick with neglect. Some days the ceilings crawl toward new heights, and so... up up up I must climb to clear that shit out. Lightness begets levity. I'm being invited to strip off my battle-scarred lady-armor and it's helping me to forge a new relationship with a carnal self held hostage. Sounds sorta sexy, doesn't it? It will be. For now it's just a hard-earned enlightenment... bringing me face-to-face with the ugly ways I've avoided scrutiny by closing myself off to love in order to avoid exposure.

Spring is provocative, an illuminating eruption. She seduces our senses forward. If we heed her invitations and open ourselves to self-made promises with attention and vigor, she will eventually reward us in ways that are both lavish and unexpected. 

I can't help but wonder what is (or isn't) Springing forth in your world, Reader?
I'd love to hear about it. Pop me a message just to say hi?

And/or if you want to hang to hash it out in a 1:1 session, here's a quick heads up:

I recently switched to a new scheduling platform - one that makes booking easier than ever. Book and/or update your 1:1 appointments on the fly, view your existing coaching package allotments, and take advantage of immediate discounts with only a few clicks. It's easier than ever; what's not to love?!

Bookmark It Now for easy access, or follow the links at the newly updated CandiceSchutter.com.

To celebrate the launch of my new scheduling software, I'm offering a super-deal on last minute phone sessions! 

Book an appointment to chat with me via phone before April 15th, and take 50% off drop-in rates.

No joke, these deep discounts on phone sessions put my sliding scale rates to shame:
$30 for a 30-minute via phone
$60 for a 60-minute via phone
$75 for 90-minute via phone

Deal Ends March 31st.
Appointment availability through April 15th!

CLICK HERE to view promo terms or to Book Now. 

Questions? Reply to this email & I'll get back to you asap!

❤ ~ Candice

P.S. YES! Although unavailable for online booking, I am still offering a limited number of Pay-What-You-Can sessions each month. Reply to this message to learn more and/or inquire about available appointment times.