Be Authentic. Learn to Respond vs. React.

Just as your fingerprint is yours and yours alone, your most authentic expression is an imprint one-of-kind and unique to who you are. Due to cultural norms and inherited insecurities, we spend a tremendous amount of energy fighting against ourselves. We follow others, trying to “make a good impression” on the world... sliding into other people’s grooves instead of carving out spaces of our own. You’re continually making an impression on the world around you. Authenticity means creating a mark that truly fits the shape of who you are.

Courage isn’t something we are, it’s something we do. It’s a habit (a responsiveness) that can be practiced and developed. Reaction is how we learn to express by watching others. It’s the knee-jerk expression we go to when we feel powerless or helpless to change some aspect of our lives. To react doesn’t require courage, it’s more involuntary... almost like breathing. Responsiveness however, requires that we embrace our uniqueness, rise above our woundedness, and take authority over our lives. It asks that we willingly express what’s brewing within (on the deepest level we can access) while also honoring and responding to the world around us. What we do in response to our fear is what defines our future. - Excerpt from MC1 Courage, The Spill Your Truth Program

Earlier this year ten extraordinarily brave women helped me co-create a powerful heart-centered assertiveness training program called Spill Your Truth Without The Mess. As of today, you can tap into our journey and the wisdom contained therein for a fraction of the cost. Of course an online coaching immersion isn't for everyone. It's for women who are sincere about up-leveling their expression... who are courageous enough to be honestly vulnerable... who long to express themselves more authentically, more boldly, and more compassionately in all their beautiful-ugly glory.

Today you can find out if it's for you. 
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No printing required; just download & type your answers directly into your own private journal. Take inventory of your expression. Pinpoint key areas where you can up-level to a more authentic you. Set your own intentions. Revisit and update as much as you like. And if (and only if) you decide you want more... consider joining our tribe. 

The Spill Your Truth Immersion 
6 Weeks to a More Authentic You
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