Fierce Love: Why I March

Yesterday I attempted to reduce all that I was feeling into a FB post, but it was far too staggering an objective.

My newsfeed is a wildfire catching wind. I see it all: pleas for unity, Republicans high-fiving, resistance flags waving, and way way WAY too many instances of nasty sorts of name-calling (on all sides). It breaks my heart.

I am not a Trump supporter.
Bullies never get my vote. Period.

& Yet THAT is precisely WHY I will not engage in the emotional repugnancy I stand against.

Feel free to cheer/jeer-sit/stand-react/respond-retreat/fight in whatever way feels authentic to you. I'm not here to tell you how to live.

But I am here to advocate for those of us who feel frustration at the fact that there are too many examples of them-mockery and you-fuckery, and not enough of us saying enough-with-the-ugly.

Enough of demeaning with righteousness.
Enough of raging in the face of anger.
Enough of making "them" the enemy.

Love is a verb, folks.
It's time we start acting like it.

In a few short hours, I will march with my sisters... not against anyone, but FOR a LOVE that is fierce in its insistence on the rights of every human being on this mother-loving planet. Because I for one don't think we have to drag anyone down in order to rise up (together).

The only way to forge true unity is to reach out heart-to-heart, versus blade-to-blade. THIS is the essence of divorcing the patriarchy for good - demonstrating that there IS another way to turn love into action.

#fiercelove #whyimarch