Zumba w/ Candice - Schedule Changes Nov 1st

Hi Reader, 

Just a quick and friendly note to let you know that I will be making some changes to my teaching schedule in the coming weeks. Effective November 1st, I will only be teaching Zumba twice per week. October 29th will be my last Wednesday morning class. 

Updated Class Schedule - Effective November 2014
Zumba - Monday 12noon - 24 Hour Fitness (Hollywood)
Zumba - Friday 9:30am - 24 Hour Fitness (Holgate) 

My reasons for this change are twofold: 1) to give my body more of an opportunity to heal and restore from a minor car accident I was involved in last year and 2) to focus more primarily on my life coaching and writing endeavors. 

I have not been informed as to who will be taking over my regular Wednesday time slot. You can check the group x schedule online for updates. Whatever the case, give your new instructor lots of love and I'll see you in my other classes. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding.