Time Sensitive Reminder + Note on Email Support

A friendly reminder...
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For many of us, writing about our vulnerabilities and challenges conjures something that talking can only allude to. With practice and commitment, the written word can be an efficient way to tap into a more honest and transparent voice inside of us. While I very much appreciate face-to-face encounters, I've also seen great results working with people through a written dialogue (ie. those of you who did the PHP with me back in 2012 can attest to this). While in-person sessions are essential in some cases, when it comes to an ongoing power coaching relationship the stage has been set for a different kind of connection. A relationship in which you can reach out for on-the-fly support around more specific everyday challenges in life in real time.

Email Sessions happen in 3 Easy Steps:
1) You send me an email regarding something you'd like support around - feel free to purge, self reflect, or offer questions for us to unpack together.
2) I respond to your inquiry right away - typically within 24-48 hours.
3) We continue back and forth as needed until you feel clarity and relief. 

Save our dialogues and revisit a session anytime you like. Sometimes all it takes is a quick exchange; sometimes two or three. Email sessions are billed minute-by-minute at the normal sliding-scale rates. Given my comfort with the written word and the fact that you pay only for my time (not yours), one hour of coaching can go a long way. (ie: I typically spend 15-20 minutes per exchange; sometimes 30 if the submission is lengthy and it requires a more in-depth examination). 

Email exchanges might just be the most efficient use of my time (and your money!). 

Why wait? Send me an email now and let's get started!
I hope to hear from you, Reader.

❤ ~ Candice

P.S. Pay-What-You-Can pricing is still an option on phone and email support. 


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