Sharing. How Much Is Too Much?

When it comes to sharing your truth, how much is too much? 
It depends on you. In this wild world of social networking, transparency isn't for everyone. 

Some are into heavy weightlifting, flexing their power to explore the edges of their physical prowess. I like to push the bounds of emotional exposure in order to build power and strength. It's a personal high of mine. And it helps me to walk my talk and serve my clients better. Not everyone digs it though.

Of course, at times I question my way in the world. Is it safe to so publicly share myself and my musings, given how they are prone to an endless evolution? Is it really wise to tell my clients about my own moments of raw rip-roaring pain? Is it naive or narcissistic to think that someone out in cyberspace might even care about my latest ah-hah?

Hell if I know. I can't be bothered with such questions. I've just gotta do me. 
Teetering on the edge of things-best-kept-private suits my sensibilities. If cultivating a willingness for shameless self-disclosure is a bit nutty... it's nutty in the same way as skydiving, painting a 20-foot canvas, or traveling to every country on the globe. Unfiltered expression for the sake of itself may indeed be my artistic madness; commit me if you must, just make sure I have a pen and paper. 

However, I can't help but notice that liberated voices foster a culture of acceptance. When any of us openly express ourselves and our unique take on the world, we indirectly advocate for the silent among our tribe. I have come to believe that taking ownership over your own unique brand of crazy is how you can most effectively touch lives and affect change. 

Yes, you may feel vulnerable and sometimes pained when critics cock their heads, perplexed by the way you walk (and talk) in the world. But it's way worth it when you discover that your exposed truth had the power to make another person feel less alien. One touched life will make it worth all the times you've risked (or shared) too much.

And when people just don't get it (or you)? . . . 
Thank them... for they call you toward greater clarity and power. Be humble enough to ask yourself why you are feeling unsettled by the response you are getting. Is it because your message isn't clear enough? Okay then... tighten that baby up!

Yet sometimes the opportunity may just be to leave things as they are. Perhaps your expression has led you to fall out of favor in someone's eyes. It is then you must ask: Does the path to their understanding require that I shrink or alter my truth in any way? If so, I invite you to reconsider the edit, my dear. You are not responsible for how your YOU-ness makes others feel. 

In the same regard, being validated for your experience or perspective doesn't always mean others' agreement. In fact, far too much expressive energy is wasted trying to convince others... when in reality, the need beneath the need is to simply be seen and honored in a viewpoint. 

Practice honoring people in their beautiful ugly duality, even when it's not yours. Life expresses back at us what we most need to see within ourselves. Hold space for endless vantage points and perspectives, and allow for others to hold their truth apart from yours. 

Oh, and btw... someone out there thinks it's hella sexy when you act a little crazy, Reader. I'm just sayin'.

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