(oops!) Humble Pie - addendum to today's earlier post

Earlier today I sent out a post that came directly from my heart.
Unfortunately at the end of it, I linked to a poem that didn't.

As you might imagine, I was totally mortified when I discovered (about two hours after publication) that the poem I referenced at the end of my post wasn't my own! I found it mixed in with a bunch of writings from my youth and I mistakenly (and embarrassingly) thought it was one of mine. (Sigh) It was an innocent mistake; I swear it. And I am so thankful to the true friend who opened my eyes to this major whoopsy-daisy... you know who you are, dear one. And I am so grateful. 

When I realized that I had sent my mistake out to hundreds of people, I immediately felt a panicky pull in two different directions. One part of me cursed myself, attacked my ignorant oversight, and deemed me unworthy and indefensible. I felt myself wanting to crumble into a pile of shameful regret. I wanted nothing more than to hide. 

But this isn't my first rodeo. I've been kicked to the ground on more than one occasion. And I certainly know what it means to get my ass back up again. So here I am. Dusty as hell... a little bruised up & weary from the ride. 

The core of my message from earlier is still exactly the same. And as I write this to you I am realizing that it doesn't matter than I didn't write that amazing poem... I wrote a shit-ton of others. And whether or not they carry visible weight in the eyes of many... each and every one of them saved me in a moment just like this one.

Humble pie is an unexpected face full of truth. And it's bitter-sweet flavor is an acquired taste.
Fortunately, with every bite I come to discover more of what I'm made of.
For that I'll choose to be grateful. 

 ❤, Candice