[SYT] PreTraining Part II: Get Yourself Ready!

Hi Reader.

Welcome to Part II of your PreTraining. 

Before we go any further, please make note that the url for your virtual classroom has been changed. This means the link in your welcome email may not take you to the right place, so you will need to bookmark this page in order to access your program moving forward: 

(tribenectar.zenlearn.com is no longer) 

I'm sure you are eager to get started on your Comprehensive PreTraining Playbook (coming up in Part III). But before we go there, I'd like to give you an opportunity to get a little familiar with your virtual classroom. Bear with me, this email made seem a bit tedious at first glance, but it contains important info that will come in handy later. Digest the following point-by-point, and you'll be all dialed-in in no time! 

All of your course materials will be delivered to you in digital form (via eBooks & audio mp3s). You will receive each master class eBook lesson one week prior to each in-person session. This gives you time to explore the lesson and self-reflect prior to meeting with the group. Live classes will be recorded and audio mp3s will be posted the following week. These can be downloaded for listening on the go. Please note, I will be the only one mic'ed during the class and all client shares will be edited out; your privacy is assured. 

Top 5 Q&A's >>>

1. Why so digital?

Due to the customization of the course curriculum, digital works best. The online interface allows me to re-author eBook content on the fly and deliver it to you with ease, and new editions can replace old ones as needed. You can complete online pretraining forms and submit to me with just a few easy clicks. Digital is easy, adaptable and efficient. And as an added bonus, we save some trees!

And while our live interactions will no doubt be where the juiciest moment happen, we live in a world interconnected through technology. I urge you to take advantage of the TribeNectar on Facebook. This online portal allows us to be there for one another 24/7!

I have set it up as a secret group. That means is that the discussion page, member listing, and contents are not visible in any way to those who have not been added as members. Members include active clients and participants in ongoing power coaching courses. All you need to do to be added is send me a friend request on Facebook. I may have already added you upon registration. Use this link to find out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tribenectar/. If you haven't yet been added, this link will be a dead end.

2. What if I'm just not that tech-savvy?

No problem; I totally get it. That's why I have created video tutorials where I walk you through the virtual classroom and how it works. I feel that my chosen platform (Simplero) is very user-friendly. Nevertheless, there is a learning curve with any new interface. As a part of your preparation, I'm going to invite you to watch these videos ASAP so you are one step ahead of the game. Log-on to your virtual classroom and watch them now. 

2 tutorials currently available >>>
VIDEO 1: Program Access & Overview
VIDEO 2: PreTraining How-To

3. Will I need any special software?

All you will need in order to work with your materials is: 1) an internet connection... and 2) an updated pdf reader. You will use the latter to open your eBooks and also to complete your PreTraining Playbook. Two options are available, depending on your computer platform:

Preview (Mac users)
If you own a Mac, this is standard on your computer and is most-likely you default pdf reader. It's an ideal application in which to work with your pretraining playbook. If you have this application, you're ready to rock!

Adobe Reader (PC users) 
Many PC users already have Adobe Reader installed as their default pdf reader. For our purposes, it would be a very good idea to update to the latest version. Not to worry, it's totally free and easy to do. Just use this link: http://get.adobe.com/reader/


If for some reason working with the fillable pdf files just don't work for you and your sensibilities, you are more than welcome to print your playbook & rock it old school, pen to paper! Just ask and I'll provide you with my mailing address, no questions asked. :)

4. Is there a way to explore the curriculum offline?

Yes. All of your eBooks can be downloaded, saved, and even printed if that suits you better. You may also send pdf's to your phone or ebook reader for mobile exploration. Of course, mp3s can be added to iPods or burned to disc for listening on the go. 

5. So when do we get to the good stuff?

You'll receive access to your Part III: Comprehensive PreTraining Playbook in the next couple of days, giving you two full weeks to complete it. As I've said before... the more information you provide to me, the more I can give back to you. I will use the information therein to feed the content moving forward. 

And just a heads up!... there will be one final phase to your PreTraining process, details on that later. 

PreTraining Part II ~ PREPARE NOW in 3 Easy Steps:

Step #1 >>  Watch Tutorials 
Log-on to your virtual classroom (again, please bookmark this new page for your continued reference): https://spillyourtruth.zenlearn.com/. Then click on the HOW IT WORKS tab to watch the video tutorials. This will technically prepare you so you will be ready for Part III. 

Step #2 >>  Update Your Software 
Make sure you have Mac Preview OR Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Use the link above to update your software (if using Adobe).

Step #3 >>  Visit TribeNectar on Facebook
View and/or join in on the discussion via our online tribe. 

Whew! That's it for now... and should take care of the technical questions right out of the gate. If not, send me an email and I will help you as best I can. Thank you for your patience with the nitty-gritty. We gotta create the container before we can get into the juice!

Mad Love From Your Spill Sister,

P.S. If you haven't submitted your Part I: basic intake form to me, please do so asap. I'd love to hear from you.