Go... Ready, Set.

Is there something you want to create or experience that feels perpetually unfinished?
Perhaps your mental or physical preparation is keeping you from the real action. 

An easy example? I've set aside today for writing my next eBook... and what do I have to show for it?
Nothing. Not a damned thang. Why? Because I've been so busy preparing, I haven't yet begun. 

We long to "feel ready" before we make our bold move.
We pace the starting line. We stretch. We wait for the gunshot to go off.
But what if it never does?  

Expression is clarified through action.
The quickest way to get inspired is to start creating.
The fastest way to get clear on what you want to say is to start talking.
And the best way to determine where you want to go next is to start moving. 

Go... Ready. Set.
See you at the finish line, Reader.