Pity Party, Anyone?

written 8/20/14:

Every now and then (like earlier today), out of nowhere life throws me yet another curveball and I feel the urge to fall into a why-me-self-pity-party-puddle. Yet lately, whenever I start to go there - IF I stay mindful and I don't get tangled in the lair of circumstance - a reality check zooms across my radar right around the same time and I'm instantly reminded that my "problems" are pretty benign compared to what so many face (profound injustice, heartbreaking losses, health crises, and so on). I'm deeply humbled and inspired to regularly see people who are exponentially more challenged than I am showing up with so much gratitude, humor, and grace. 

Seriously, y'all... lately I have more heroes than I can count.
In fact, some of you are likely reading this now.

The point is this: 

No matter the challenge we face, there's always someone out there who would trade places with us in a heartbeat. 

Keepin' it real AND in perspective... that's where it's at. 

So now my overall take on today (and every day) is this...
Lucky me.