Pay-What-You-Can 1:1 Coaching Now Available!

REALITY CHECK! Sometimes we need support most when funds are tight & we don't have the resources to enlist it (especially with the regularity we need). It's for this reason that I'm now offering a handful of Pay-What-You-Can sessions each month.

Yep! Everyone is eligible to take advantage of this offer.

I'll post the dates and times each week on our online tribe. Simply book one of the available time slots and pay what you can (whatever that might be) for one full hour of 1:1 coaching. You'll name your own price; no questions asked. 

Pay what you can safely and honorably afford.
No more & no less. And btw, no strings attached. ;)

Dates/Times currently available:
Monday, July 7th - 5pm
Wednesday, July 9th - 3pm
Tuesday, July 15th - 11am
Friday, July 18th - 3pm

Please note, pay-what-you-can sessions are only available via phone and Skype (for now).

Act quickly if you want in on one of the above dates/times! I'll keep this announcement limited to our existing tribe for 24 hours and then I will likely announce it to the general public via social networking. 

Simply reply to this email to book!