Spill Your Truth... without the mess.

Hi Reader, 

My clients have requested it, and it's finally here... a community-led coaching program that focuses on spilling your truth without the mess! Heartfelt and effective communication is a passion of mine, and I've pulled together a curriculum that has the potential to transform every relationship in your life. Whether your tendency is to clam-up or lash-out... TribeNectar will teach you how to align with compassionate self-advocacy, deepen your connections, and get more powerful results through the expression that is your life. 

TribeNectar is an organic and interactive learning experience where you-the-tribe guide a community-customized curriculumI am deeply passionate about coaching as a responsive, client-led experience. The Spill Your Truth Curriculum offers a loose structure that we collectively co-author based on your questions and real-life scenarios. Each master class lesson will weave actual experiences together with juicy, pivotal insights + tried-and-true techniques proven to help unleash authentic self-expression. The bi-monthly master class rhythm allows you plenty of time and space to stay on track while offering me opportunity to re-author the content on the fly, filling in the gaps with exactly what you need to make the material come alive in your life. 

The 2014 Immersion can be experienced two ways: through LIVE classes in Portland, Oregon... or virtually from anywhere in the world. Space is limited, so act quick. With the new year on the horizon, I expect winter class registration to fill quickly. You can view the complete course syllabus here. Scholarships are available, so there are no excuses. 

Not sure if this is right for you. You can find out at TribeNectar.com.

Your Ally in Expression,