For My Orphan Sisters

While I don't typically weave coaching and poetry together, I'm trying something new. 

I am endlessly inspired by my clients. And, I find it poignantly ironic how much they all have in common (with one another and with me). The same themes emerge again and again... however rich and full of beauty our lives may be, each of us too often believe we must walk alone in our dark wonderment. 

Thus, I dedicate this raw and reckless release to all my shadow sisters in hiding. 
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It's been less than week since I began offering online community coaching via TribeNectar™ (with free access, it's currently limited to active clients) - and it's already exploding magnificently with juicy goodness. When there is a genuine need for something, it has a life of its own. 

I'm always blown away by what can happen when women come together - especially around an intention for shameless sharing. Apparently reflecting all shades of beauty through cyberspace IS possible. It is truly astounding to witness. 

Perhaps one day you... or a woman dear to your heart... will *join us. Either way, may you provide your deeper true some kinship and company.

~ Candice

*TribeNectar™ is available to all 1:1 Clients and/or Students of PHP 2013.
Sorry guys, it's just for the ladies out there - after all, we have the same private parts. ;) 

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