Poetry for a Restless Moment

At times when I sit down to write, poetry is the only mode of expression that will suffice. Perhaps something in this deluge of words will speak to your restless heart. xo, Candice

"ticks its tock"

yesterday was body-numb wonderment
mind running rampant
assuming itself
in charge

in the deluded space where
a change of heart is deemed failure
where what remains unfinished
ticks its tock

laughter enters the crack
woe is nothing, dear one
for the intrinsic is plentiful
or so the self-soother coos
her voice a chalice for curiosity turned sour
I gulp and devour her breathy song
a drunken necessity on such days
when pain looms big
and vices

news feeds do not
hungry is the scroll
the irony of humanity
intimacy replaced by reality see-me internet tv
even the noblest of sentiments compete for ad-space
a shameful silence echoing beneath the chronic onslaught of noise
hide or show up
either way it is the spotlight
that keeps us from
being seen

ambition has left me quiet
only memories and madness remain
I listen
respond and re-order
pages and time
an unseen wish in the making