Been on our tribe lately? Here's your first call to action.

Reader, please read on. This isn't a marketing broadcast. It's a heartfelt message ONLY for trusted members of our online tribe.

Magic happens when women come together for a shared purpose. That is why I created TribeNectar, so that we can experience what it's like to have a sisterhood to tune into 24/7... a space where we can shameless share what's honestly brewing in our hearts and minds. 

Our online tribe is not just something I created as a favor to you... nor is it a shameless ploy to drum up business. I created it because it's what turns me on. Raw. Real life situations. In real time. I love responding to life in the moment... and I love witnessing you supporting one another in kind. 

Facebook can be more than a voyeuristic playground of "likes" and "shares", more than a place to keep track of goings-on and/or an excuse to numb out on your lunch break... and it can be SO much more that a space where you only put your "best face" forward. There is a potential in virtual networking that many of us have hardly scratched the surface of... one that requires a space where we feel it is safe to be unapologetically real.

There are roughly 50 amazing women in our tribe, from around the world... Portland, Hawaii, Chicago, Canada, Germany, the UK are just some of the places represented. Every single one of you is deeply empathic, soulfully wise, and genuinely kind. I can personally attest to the caliber of women belonging to this group. And one thing has the power to connect us in an instant.

Me-Too Moments.
Our shared humanity and all that it brings to life, courage is born from that place.

Each one of us comes face-to-face with our humanity on a daily basis... and frankly, some days we are a white-hot mess. Crisis is when most of us reach out for coaching and/or support... which is all well and good (keep doing that!). Yet also keep in mind that lasting empowerment results from so much more than reactive urgency. Authenticity is the practice of showing up intact. every. single. day. Just like in life, you're only going to get what you want when you bring yourself forward to meet it. So why not jump in now? Post your crazy face when you're up against a deadline, share a meme that touches your heart, or just be witnessed around the thoughts spinning about in your head. Or, simply just say hi. We want to know you! Be willing to be seen and experience the power authentic connection has to offer. And remember: the page is set to private. Even though it shows up on your feed, only other members can see your posts.

Perhaps you really have been wanting to participate more, but the tribe just isn't on your radar. Update your FB settings, as you might be missing out! In the upper righthand corner of the group page, you will see a button labeled "Notifications." Turn that to ON if you want to know when someone posts on the group page, that way you won't miss a thing. You can even update your settings to receive an email when there is a group post. Learn how to do that here.

And of course, if none of this speaks to you... you can cancel your TribeNectar free membership at any time. Unsubscribe to these mailings and/or "leave" the tribe at your discretion. There will be no hard feelings... I'll still have mad-love for you. :)