This Is IT!... or is it?

A few days ago, I spoke with a client who expressed growing concern that she hasn't yet discovered her purpose (aka: the one thing she is meant to create and share with the world). 

She is hardly alone in this torturous search; many hold fast to the idea that we are destined for one vocation and/or creative outlet that will sustain us for a lifetime.

Back in the day, I used to make myself nuts trying to fulfill this collective prophesy. I've had my share of This Is It! moments; and each time, I would quite-naturally pour my everything into becoming masterful in the one thing I was sure I'd always love doing. Now as you know, loving something and being good at it are two different things - initially I'd kinda suck at my newfound passion... yet with devoted time and practice I'd develop a signature style of my own, a confidence, an ease.

And that's precisely when IT would totally turn on me. 
Each time, not too long after fluency set in, my mojo would begin to fade. 

I'd be wildly disappointed each time the one thing I was tying my future identity to no longer fulfilled me. I would become confused and shameful, assuming that my built-in-purpose-mechanism (didn't we all have one?) was failing me somehow. I figured I had some serious issues with commitment - that I was just a fickle poser who couldn't get her shit together enough to just stick to one thing. 

I mean, that's what we're supposed to do, right? Do one thing and stick to it?

But is it? Is it really?!

What if we just let IT go?
What if our one reason for being doesn't even fucking exist?
What if our purpose is self-evident and always changing, like us? 

Jobs, hobbies, infatuations, creative endeavors... they come and go. The only genius to track is the enhanced version of YOU that results, everything else is just process. 

In fact, your purpose may just simply be to become more you... more genuinely Reader-like, if you will.... versus some vocational persona you hang your hat on until you earn your last buck.

There are certain individuals out there who appear destined for a particular action - singing love songs, tending to a small home or village, or even finding a cure for cancer. Yet not all of us are built to express ourselves primarily through one avenue. In fact, your purpose might just be to not do that. Maybe it's not that you're indecisive or unsure... perhaps your purpose is meant to evolve as you do... through an evolution that is only loosely tied to your day job, if at all. 

Still skeptical? Try this on: If you were granted the power to embody and feel something strongly enough that it would magically re-shape the entire world in an instant (all without being able to do a thing) what would you choose to put out there? How would you feel on-purpose

Sah-weet! That's more like it.
Now tie your dreams to the cultivation of that sensation, in everything you do.