What are you fighting for?

Got Drama? That's all on you. 

If some part of your life rivals a daytime mini-drama - or even if it's got you bored to tears - you've gotta be willing to look at that. Now I divorced my new-age alter ego a few years back, so I'm not at all implying that every challenge you face is entirely your doing... that you called it all in, blah dee blah herein-lies-the-keys-to-the-universe. Nope. None of that. I've found that life is more than anything else an untamed occurrence, and that it's why's are perhaps the most beautiful ugly mystery around. Having said that, once you grow up and wake to the reality of choice, *it's you* who decides how you engage with your circumstances. 

Let me ask you a pivotal question . . .  

What are you fighting for? 
Health? Love? More money? To be seen? A greater cause? 
Or perhaps you just wish you had a life worth fighting for.

But you see... that's all drama. Every last ounce of it. 

Look at the question again.
What are you fighting for?... as in WHY? 

Why. are. you. fighting? 

When you fight life, it fights you back. It matches your aim. Every war (even one waged within) is dramatic. And it's a cyclical push-pull where there is far more energy lost than gained.

By definition, to fight is to oppose action. Another interesting play on words, isn't it?
So, Reader... What action are you opposing?

Being a coach and teacher for the past decade has blessed me with literally thousands of mirrors, and I have come to see (in myself and others) that our suffering is tied to our attachment to our storylines... our fighting against what-is... our need to defend our brokenness... our opposition to change... the oh-so-compelling dramas of life... all these keep us steeped in recurrent cycles of pain. 

Drama = everything you spend your time on instead of moving toward what you want. It's avoidance disguised as progress. It's the over-processed emotionally fueled mental fugue you get caught in, instead of allowing for change. 

Buying into drama (along with believing everything you think) is the primary way you oppose action and living your life anew. It's what keeps you from flexing your power in a way that will break the mold, set you free, and line you up with more joy than you've ever known. Drama is the story you create as justification to not-choose... when in fact your fear is the #1 thing that's holding you hostage.

Want it to keep hurting? Want to stay stuck?... then keep on fighting. 
Keep on fighting to figure it out when it's muddled.
Keep on fighting to make it work when it doesn't.
Keep on fighting to be understood when they just don't get you.
Keep on fighting & you'll stay stuck.

What's the alternative to drama? Surrender? Could be. Although more often our idea of surrender looks more like settling.... and settling in life can be the biggest drama there is. Life will beat down those who don't allow for the next expression to be born. 

Settling (hating what-is)... Fighting (resisting what-is)... neither of these are what powering up is about. Power, as I define it, is about purposeful propulsion toward greater significance and joy. Risking the reach and actioning your life in the direction of what you want.

The best part is, a habit of self-advocacy is its own reward. When you love you enough to stand for what you want (instead of fighting against what you have)... happiness is truly discovered through the journey. 

Life doesn't have to hurt. It's supposed to feel good. 

Disagree with me? Fine by me. I don't have to be right by you to be right by me. If however, you are intrigued by this idea, please consider putting down your weapons of resentment, stop fighting the eternal what-is... and become an advocate for the life you want. Use your precious energy more wisely, and leave the drama to the screenwriters.