Saying Less Means More

Hi Reader,

If your inbox is anything like mine, it's overflowing with more than your life can rightly hold. I recently unsubscribed from nearly a dozen lists, simply because I couldn't take it all in. But you know who I couldn't let go of?... those rare bloggers who pack value into 3-5 sentences. People like Seth Godin; I read his emails, every single day. Zero fluff, he gets to the point right away, and I'm able to fully absorb his juice with little more than a blink and a scroll. 

From here on out I will write to you with the thoughtful-yet-reckless abandon that I speak in. Too many years as a copy editor have kept my fearless-writer-vixen pacing in her cage. I now aim to write with the flow-etic intensity that I bring to dance... I want to leave the page dripping with what's real. 

Yes, you'll be hearing from me more often; however, I promise to be concise and pointed... ripping the bandaid off quick... sharing coaching ah-hah's along with my own personal ugh's...  spilling my beautiful ugly out to you in order to be wholeheartedly me... and hopefully, inspiring you to do the same. 

Until very soon,